Basement Renovation

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Basement Renovation
Basement Renovation
It is a long ago when basements were used only as a place for different engineering equipment, abandoned cellar, storage or repository of useless things. Nowadays, this space has a useful application as gym, library, home theatre and extra bedrooms are located in the cozy well-furnished basements. If you are in need of extra space, basement finishing ideas might be of great help to you. Cost to finish a basement usually is significantly less than cost to remodel the whole house. Today, if you invest into renovating your basement, you may make extra money that can be used towards your mortgage or long-awaited vacation trip.

Why Consider Basement Renovation?

Finishing a basement starts from the scrupulous planning. We offer several solutions that we do in accordance with your requirements and demands.

  • Taking into account that the most of electrical, heating and sanitary equipment are placed in the basement, we make sure that all of the systems are installed and function properly according to the law.
  • We pay extra attention and thoroughly check the water pipes system as it may cause expensive damage to the whole house. In addition, we make sure that the pipe covering are in proper shape.
  • Then all of the water, heating and electricity supplying systems get properly hidden as they will essentially become a part of the basement design without affecting the space.
  • Also, we perform a through heating pipes checking and do a required installation.
  • One of the aspects of modern basement renovation is to decide to choose the type of ceiling and walls.
  • We make sure that there is easy access to pipes, plumbing and electrical wires for making repairs that may be required in the future.

Adequate Lighting for Your Basement

Another aspect to pay special attention is the adequate lighting. Basement is the place, which oftentimes lacks natural lighting, so the artificial illumination should be done in proper and really thought-out manner to offer attendants great lighting solutions.

  • The basement space should be supplied with ambient lighting options and, typically, dark spaces get provided with recessed lighting. Also, we have got great solutions for you to use the space under the staircase, which is absolutely great for making a roomy and convenient storage.

Basement Renovation Services

The basement renovation services are usually delivered by basement renovation contractor. There are many of such contractors, but the basement renovation North Vancouver is known as one of the best with years of working in the industry and hundreds of satisfied customers. Whether you want a full basement renovation services or just a small repair, feel free to call to basement renovation North Vancouver and we will make you the most affordable offer available on the market today. The practice shows that any place in your house may have a much better use when it is gets planned by a professional designer. And we assure you that we will do our best for your house basement to get renovated in the most stylish and practical way.