Commercial Renovation Services

AAA Ali Renovations is a locally (North Shore) owned and operated fully licensed and insured company that offers comprehensive interior and exterior renovation services for both residential and commercial buildings. AAA Ali Renovations has served the Lower Mainland, North and West Vancouver for over 25 years now.
Commercial Renovation Services

Commercial Renovation Services

The first thing that client sees and appraise whether it is a new store or service provider is the office. A face of a company, an office requires a special investment, care and approach when there is a need for renovation. The office space is an area of common use and it should be designed in accordance with the latest modern or classic design trends. If you are on the for professional office renovation builders, we have got the potential to add a touch of the fresh look and sophistication to your workplace. Honestly, we have got what it takes to fulfill your renovation ideas for any size of business you have. Whether it is a small or extra-large office set up, you are guaranteed that our team with years of experience will have it totally spruce up for the most positive and productive business environment setting.

Office Renovation: Where to Start?

Office renovation begins with the office design ideas and we pay close attention to the details and what exactly client wants. Every company has customers who belong to different social groups and our primary goal is to create an ideal office space to suit any purpose. Usually, office design is made in compliance with provincial laws and owner’s personal demands.

Where Start Your Renovation?

Like any renovation, a successful office renovation needs considerable planning. There is no need to see the renovation process as challenging or as an extra obstacle. On the contrary, the office commercial renovation should be seen as a success as your business exists long enough on the market with a need to freshen up the working area.

  • Planning is a primary step to an office renovation. Establish your goals and possible investment frame. Keep in mind, that we will help you to address the most important issues you may have for now.
  • Establishing a budget and the renovation deadlines are essential. Consider these elements of the upcoming renovation:
    • will you be able to relocate to a temporary office;
    • will you need new technology or equipment to be installed;
    • will there be a need to purchase the new office furniture;
    • do you want an overall design change of your office?

Answering these questions will help you to determine the budget and the deadline of commercial renovation project and we are ready to help!

Features of Office Interior Remodeling

Office interior remodeling should be performed by the qualified and experience building team. Special attention should be paid to supplying of necessary communication and technical equipment and a whole range of electronic devices for work environment. Conference rooms should be provided with video projectors along with comfortable well-furnished area. Private offices should have well designed and comfortable work area too. Reception areas should be welcoming and stylish with a set of appropriate lighting design. Restrooms should look refreshed, well-organized and up-to-date. Break rooms should interlace a practical yet convenient space design with appropriately installed appliances and common kitchen equipment including coffee- machines, dish-washers, etc.

Small Office Design

There are situations when a large number of employees work in a smaller space areas, then every inch should be considered for renovation through thoughtful planning. In this case, the small office design is really needed. Small office design should be well-organized and properly spaced so the worker feels the maximum comfort. Every workplace should be equipped with properly installed and thoroughly checked electrical and ventilation systems. We believe that the commercial renovation is multi-task project that can be done under your ultimate budget and requirements. You are guaranteed to receive the best results within a set deadline as we will take full responsibility for the best-featured layout and design, so your business can grow and thrive.