Handyman Services

AAA Ali Renovations is a locally (North Shore) owned and operated fully licensed and insured company that offers comprehensive interior and exterior renovation services for both residential and commercial buildings. AAA Ali Renovations has served the Lower Mainland, North and West Vancouver for over 25 years now.
Handyman Services
Handyman Services
Living a fast paced life, we don't always have free time to do much around the house. Busy with our careers and families, we don't always have enough time to do basic chores or repairs around the house. Yet there are cases when an urgent repair is required (hopefully not on a weekend). For these purposes, you should always have a handyman services at your instant reach. It should be an expert that you can fully trust, available when you call him.

Handyman Services in North Vancouver

If you have no time or desire to clean or look after your garden, swimming pool, backyard or front yard, as well as usual house or apartment repairs, you can always rely on professional handyman services. We are handyman services in North Vancouver with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Aside from offering local handyman services, we are properly equipped professionals capable of handling any kind of job. We have qualified staff, so that there are no real obstacles in making your life really safe and comfortable thanks to the handymen services.

How Can We Help You?

  • Let us consider the set of problems which could be solved with the help of home handyman services. There is such annoying thing as bad wiring. It might appear in a form of light flickering or, even worse, in a form of electric devices breaking. Professional electricians have special equipment for problem detection and could easily adjust it for you. It is dangerous to adjust such problems on your own.
  • Sometimes, we have to face such problems as water leakage or clogging on some of sanitary equipment. Usually, only professional plumber is able to improve the situation.
  • If you want a new faucet, the replacement of old one with the help of a professional plumber is not a problem anymore. There are cases when clients live in an old house, they come make a decision to make a partial renovation and they call us.
  • Handymen could make new flooring and wall painting and many other things in order to make your flat or house look like the new one.
  • If you are not satisfied with the look of your facade, there are a lot of specialists who could refresh it in a form of making new drywall or other way so that your house would look presentable.
  • If you are under stress of having your roof leaking, experienced handymen are always available to help you.