Residential Renovation Services

AAA Ali Renovations is a locally (North Shore) owned and operated fully licensed and insured company that offers comprehensive interior and exterior renovation services for both residential and commercial buildings. AAA Ali Renovations has served the Lower Mainland, North and West Vancouver for over 25 years now.
Residential Renovation Services

Residential Renovation Services

Your dwelling by modern standards is the place, where you are free to make your dream into reality with application of your own unique concept of ideal home. Its implementation of your plan will include such things as purchasing new household appliances, finding an affordable renovation company, and coming up with the most suitable for the house and likeable design. When it comes to choosing a company to do your house renovation, it’s obvious you need a team with year of experience, accredited qualification and desire in order to perform such work in the best possible way. Residential renovation service should be done only by trustworthy professionals in the field of home improvement contractors.

The Most Affordable Home Renovation

Every home renovation starts with a thorough renovation planning, which allows your budget. Whether you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen; the kind of material, its color and pattern might be selected and many times reselected according with your personal wishes. If you are not certain what you really want, the professional designer will be glad to provide you with numerous home improvement ideas. All technical details, such as air-conditioner placement or the lighting layout would be planned in accordance with the customer’s desires and needs. All renovation tasks will be done in time and within the set budget.

Where to Find Expert Home Improvement Contractors?

Very often house and apartment owners have to face such troubles as minor kitchen or bathroom repairs, outdated design, old furnishing, garden planning and layout, etc. Home improvement contractors are useful to fix all the things that went wrong around the house. One of the main features of our company is the most affordable pricing for our services. Aside from being a trustworthy contractor of our community with years of experience, we can handle the renovation of the most complex projects with a whole set of different small and big repairs.

  • If you have problems with smoke alarms or don’t have one, they could fix or install it for you.
  • If you are not sure about your safety, they could fix and replace locks, install armored doors and gratings.
  • In case of bad lighting layout or electrical wiring problems, we will gladly do the proper installation and repairs for proper space lighting.
  • We can assemble and disassemble your furniture along with doing some carpentry tasks
  • The list of their services includes exterior and interior painting, high pressure cleaning and outdoor maintenance.
  • Such troubles as water leakage or gutter cleaning will be solved fast. All you have to do is to make a call and our specialist will come and help fast.


Nowadays, you don’t have to be a master of all trades in order to maintain your dwelling. The market is filled with qualified and experienced. If you decide to do a renovation with us, you are guaranteed to pay the most affordable prices to make your home the house of your dreams